So sorry for the long wait.
Have been wrestling with several computers for days.
Numerous crazy and unusual problems.
But, here we are finally.
I will spare everybody the details for the time being so that I can use the time to tell what is going on right now.

Met with our contact yesterday and today.
He helped me out with some personal referrals to others who, I believe, are going to be very helpful.
As usual he is so far ahead of everyone else that one can only wonder how.

We are meeting with another very important contact on this next Tuesday.

Zurich comes to a standstill for the Good Friday and Resurrection Day (you probably know as Easter, which is an Anglicization of Istar, the ancient Mother Goddess, also known as the Queen of Heaven = see the book of Jeremiah the Prophet = the ancient enemy of the ancient Hebrew Prophets, which has got to make one wonder how her name got on this day, anyway).

So, we are at the beginning of a four day holiday, during which nothing is going to get done.

So, what better time to go to service at the Grossmunster Cathedral tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

This is where Ulrich Zwingli started the Swiss Reformation which took place alongside Martin Luther`s work in Germany, which most everyone knows about, while few are familiar with the equally or possibly far more important work of Zwingli in Zurich, and Calvin in Geneve (Geneva).

For me it is always an honor to come to Zwingli`s city and the Grossmunster.

One must remember that this region was torn to pieces by the religious wars which took place during and following the notorious Counter-Reformation.

I was reminded numerous times in Bavaria several years ago that they had lost over one-half of their population to these wars before the Edict of Toleration was finally agreed upon so that the worthless, useless bloodshed could finally stop.

It is nearly the same story here, so that people have realized that we all had really best learn how to get along with one another.

I never cease to be amazed at how long historical memories are.

For example, when I was in Oslo, Norway several years ago many people with whom I spoke were still telling the stories of when Hitler sailed his entire navy up the fjord and took over Oslo in a matter hours.

This is where I first heard about the notorious Quisling, who has become a synonym for treachery and betrayal of his own nation.

NEVER FORGET! it was the Norwegians who were the first people to resist Hitler.

And due to the heroic efforts of a small handful of very special unsung heroes, Hitler`s deuterium plant was blown up by the third of three suicide missions into what was the most heavily fortified area in the world, thereby setting his atomic bomb making program back six months, which is why the U.S. Manhattan Project detonated one before the Nazi`s were able.

But, the most ironic part is that these were the Aryan super race which Hitler had preached about for a long time, only to find out that they wanted no part of his madness = ooops!

So there are several history lessons that all would do well to relearn, in my humbled estimation.

On a lighter note, the main concern on the ground here amongst my friends is the imminent collapse of the Euro, and the heavy handeness of Germany, which has now begun, such that they are considered to be as onerous as the U.S. so far as the Swiss are concerned.

I am informed that the Germans are now single-handedly propping up the Euro, and are getting very tired of it.

I shared rumors which I have been hearing about a Nordic Euro and a Southern Euro.

Either no one here knows about it, or they are just not talking.

Oh, and by the way, no more praise for Obama.

Those who were so joyous when he was elected are now asking what it takes to get the Republicants back.

Does anyone feel like they are running around on a rat wheel?

This does not bode well and cannot be a good thing.

I sure am glad I got off that wheel long ago, when I was just a young and impressionable teen.

I was also informed that after I left here in December 2011 that "there was an explosion" in the deterioration of relationships between their country and our "sister republic".

They think it is for the most part political grandstanding and will soon pass over so that everyone may get back to their business instead of acting as super agents of the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service.

The other really big and burning issue is the massive immigration from Eastern Europe and North African, and the Middle East and India.

The national composition on the street has changed rather dramatically during the past several years due to treaties with the European Union.

It is not working out well for the Swiss because everyone wants to move here, but they do not even come close to sharing the same values.

No big deal for the immigrants, but a very big deal for the Swiss.

We are wondering how long this will go on before something drastic happens and causing all of the Visas to be pulled en masse.

With what has happened in only two years. one can only wonder just how this is going to end.

Not well would be my guess.

And NO! I am not being an eternal pessimist, but, rather, a battle hardened realist.

These people are very good at working matters out in a way that is usually advantageous to them, either right now, or very soon thereafter, such that I will watch with great interest.

There are, of course, numerous details which I am not about to write on here due to considerations of confidentiality.

That will have to wait for later when I am not in a public forum.

At any rate, enough said for now.

It still looks like we will be able to fly home on the 11th, although I have told everyone concerned that I will stay as long as is necessary to complete our immediate objectives.

Hope this finds all well with all of my loved ones.

Miss you all and wish you were all here, except that this would make it even more difficult to get any business taken care of.

And by the way, thanks to any and all of you "prayer warriors".

Your prayers are being mightily answered as I am yet again watching powers far greater than me clearing the way for us.

As usual, I have watched one miracle after another take place right before my eyes.

I am greatly humbled by this and thankful as can be, often wondering just what I have gotten myself into and how the heck do I get myself back out without harming myself or others while doing so.

And why is it that everywhere I go they tell me that it is the most unusual weather they have ever seen.

Here, in Zurich, many persons first apologized for the beautiful Southern California weather which I seem to have brought with me, and then apologized for the beautiful rain which came to me within hours of my arriving.

 No apologies required I continously reassure them, as I wonder what they would think if they knew my history regarding such matters.

Well, I have had enough fun for one night.

Did I forget to mention that I took the first photos since Tahiti, this very evening.

Between 700 and 800 of them during five hours during the nighttime as I haunted all of the back alleys while shooting street scenes with wet streets which shine magnificently and wonderful romantic couples and umbrellas every which way you look.

I think that Zurich at night after a rain is one of the most romantic places I have ever seen.

And that even includes Venezia (Venice) during a full moon.

Speaking of which I will return to the Danielli Hotel, in Venice, in August.

Very nice city.

I am looking forward to returning.

 It feels good to have my creative juices turned back on.

I really was beginning to wonder.

And a good night (morning?) to all.

And just for information, we are nine hours ahead of California time, which means 5 p.m.?


1:55 a.m.
Hotel Sorrel Seidenhoff

 Zurich, Confederatio Helvetica
aka Schwyzland,
or to you Americanos, Switzerland