Sombody is in a mood ---

and not a very good one,
by the sounds of things.

That is 042513a.

I started writing it
at several minutes before midnight
on 4-24-13,
and finished it
a few minutes after midnight,
on 4-25-13.

So I titled it on the date completed,
instead of date started.

Is in A flat minor.

Now that is fun.

That would be seven out of seven flats
in the key signature.

That's a lot of flats to keep track of,
as anyone who has done so
will be all to glad to attest,
I am very sure.

So, this key does not get played in
a whole lot.

Means lack of familiarity.

Means I will have to "wing it"
more than usual.

Not always being sure
just what that next key
is going to sound like
in the immediate context.

Makes for lots of fun.

Speaking of which,
I think I had probably better
get to bed.


w/love to all

may God bless and protect


2:38 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA