I decided that it was time
that I chained myself to the Roland JUNO-Gi
for long enough to see
if I could figure out how
to use the onboard
digital recording machine.

Because I need some material
to record
in order to learn how to do
all of the steps required
in order to get from playing
to recording and bouncing
and uploading onto net,
I began to lay down a few lines.

It has been awhile
since I played any of this kind of music,
so I decided to just roll with it
for almost ten minutes.

And so,
here it is,

Note that the additional coding
results from the use
of the onboard digital recording device
and is meaningful to me, alone,
and intended as such.

As you can hear,
I managed to figure out all steps required,
although it took four or five hours
of intense concentration
and effort
to do so.

I wonder how much I will remember
by this time tomorrow?

You should know the drill by now.

Repetition.  Repetition.  Repetition.

That is the only real way to learn.

Besides making mistakes
and moving on
while being just a little bit wiser
and much more formidable
as an opponent.

I am tired, once again.

Oh great,
don't you suppose that would translate
into sleep?

Well, it doesn't.

So don't get
just too overjoyed for me
just yet.

In the meantime
I do very well
by means of somnambulation
(sleep walking),
most of the time.

Here's wishing a very good night to all.

With goodwill toward men
(and women, but of course).

We'll apparently have to wait
for the peace on earth part.

May God bless abundantly.

And may he look over each of you
very personally and intimately
in answer to my prayers for you



11:52 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA