Got back yesterday evening.

Was ridiculously tired.

Beautiful ride up and back.

Rain and greenery all the way.

Looks like many lush places I have been to.

Hard to believe is brown for over 1/2 of the year.

Am trying to get some rest today.

So, have been working on various electronic components.

Paid a visit to Guitar Center Pro Audio department this morning to consult re: GAIA.

Came back and worked on it for past hour or so.

It is now all set up and working right.

Is that a case of operator error,
or learning curve?

Or is this some kind of a trick?

I don't actually know just yet.

Also dropped mandolin off
to my local luthier
in order to have crushed bridge repaired.

Taking just a few minutes off here,
and now,
to listen to some wild and crazy music.

But, must get going right away.

Am most definitely cooking something up,
deep down inside my soul.

Yes, IT IS all a matter of rewiring.


So, here's to a photo, real soon.

But, first, must remove all contraband out of area.

That could take awhile.

w/love to all


2:45 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA