At about 10:30 this evening
I began writing this song,
entitled 041913a.

It is in one of those dreaded major keys,
which I am so disinclined to play in,
most of the time.

Hey, but every once in awhile
even I have to play in major keys,
just to remember how.

I get a bit of a kick out of my natural
and very strong
resistance to the various
common compositional forms.

I stick with the Fantasia,
almost exclusively.

That way I have free reign
to do just as I please
at any given moment.

I seem to somehow identify
major keys
with pedantic "music".

Is it just me?

I simply have no use
for their stupid "forms",

So, when I play in major keys,
I still am playing using minor forms
for the major overall structure.

This makes for an interesting contrast.

I especially like to blur the lines
between the major and minor chords,
scales and keys,
in such a way that one is never really sure
which side of the line
I am on at any given moment.

Well, that is enough for now.

It has been a really long day,
and I am definitely ready to lay
my weary body down.

Hope you enjoy.



and may God bless, and protect

11:56 p.m.
Friday night
Ventura, California, USA