It is 30 minutes past midnight, local time.

I just got back an hour ago from shooting up the town from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Shooting with a camera, of course.

I have been continuing shaking down this Sony Nex-3.

Took another 800 shots tonight = working it hard, and so far it seems very much up to the job.

I am really amazed, to be quite honest, and very pleased, I should add.

My normal travel camera for the past several years has been the Nikon D300.

It is an outstanding camera, but very heavy, and requires an entire extra suitcase to carry extra lenses, etc. = very impractical when flying.

So, I have been trying this camera out in place of it for travel.

The big concern, of course, is lens quality and highest resolution (i.e. sharpness) possible.

While good Nikon lenses will put the Sony lens to shame, nevertheless, this little camera has so many other benefits that it offsets these concerns, and is, actually, reasonably sharp.

Probably is equal in quality to the consumer level Nikon lenses.

The light was flat yesterday, and with no rain everything looked pretty dull after the day before.

Not very inspiring.

This morning and afternoon were the same until about 4 p.m. when the crystal light began.

That is my cue to hit the streets and start working the camera hard.

This town is so lit up at night that one can simply go crazy all evening long.

I have to get up early, so I thought I had better get back before it gets too late.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a banker from UBS who is going to be showing me what they are doing to get around all of the draconian laws, rules, and regulations which have been promulgated by both political parties in the USSA.

They created such onerous reporting requirements that all Swiss banks are simply refusing to have anything to do with people from our country, and threw everybody out during the past several months.

These are not secret accounts we are talking about, but ones that are out in the open and reported to the IRS by the banks themselves, as a term of opening the accounts.

So, this is really nonsensical.

The local banks, which are the safest, are simply unable to compete.

So, leave it to UBS, which I believe is still the biggest bank in the world, and certainly one of the biggest, if not the biggest.

I was in the headquarters the other day making arrangements and gathering information.

I was put through on a telephone to persons who are setting up the program which is designed to get around all of this nonsense, and which is just now being implemented.

I told the person on the phone that I knew that this was a very powerful bank and that I had personally seen them take down the entire coutnry of Switzerland, single handedly.

I saw it with my own eyes, I told the man on the phone, so don't try wasting my time by telling me otherwise.

Both he and several bank representatives who were standing alongside me got a very good laugh out of that rather spontaneous remark.

I will be meeting with one of the main players in this new program tomorrow at 9 a.m.

Nobody even knows about this program, even inside the headquarters itself.

I was given the name of the person/s setting up the program and was given a personal reference by another banker acquaintance of mine, to whom I am greatly indebted.

Then at 11 a.m. I am meeting with another banker down the street from UBS headquarters to conduct some business, and then will have lunch with him at noon as we decide where to go from here.

While there I also went over to Credit Suisse, which is the second biggest bank in Switzerland.

I was sent to a secret room and put on a telephone with someone who I asked about the same things i.e. are you going to be doing the same as UBS?

Yes, I was told.

And you are right on time, because we are about 30 days away from implementing it.

So, who do I contact in 30 days.

But of course, the person who is setting up the program has his office in Century City (Los Angeles).

He is my neighbor, in effect.

So, they were kind enough to give me a personal referral to him, along with his address and telephone number so that I may meet with him on my return.

What a small world.

These two will pave the way, and then others will probably follow suit, because they are losing a very large amont of $$$ when they lose their California clientele, which is what is happening, like it or not.

I get the distinct impression that they are expecting the same banking collapse that I am and that they fully intend to step in and take full advantage of the vacuum which will be created thereby.

I can see that they have been very hard at work paving the way and laying the foundation for this very eventuality, and behind closed doors many will be all too glad to tell you that this is exactly the case.

We shall see.

In the meantime, only if forced by circustance, my next stop will be Hong Kong.

I have a very near relative who has been doing a gigantic oil platform deal for the Brazilian government who first came to Switzerland, on my recommendation, and was simply told that they have no interest in dealing with Brazilian money.

MInd you this is squeaky clean and in the hundreds of millions.

Actually about one and one-half billion when the entire project is completed.

That is a lot of money to want nothing to do with.

He even brought the principals to Switzerland with him, on my recommendation, so that they would know the source of the money and know that it is most definitely clean.

Still, they said no.

That was a couple of years ago, and the first time we realized that something highly unusual was going on here.

So, in desparation, he went to Hong Kong, and has nothing but good to say about them so far.

It is one of the few places I would consider other than Switzerland.

The funniest part in all of this is that the guys in Congress and the Executive who are screaming the loudest about all of this are the biggest crooks on the planet.

And they are stashing all of their ill gotten gains in Dubai and other Middle Eastern areas (e.g. Kuwait), as well as the gangster controlled system in Singapore.

I went to Singapore and Shanghai (and Hong Kong and others) several years ago to see first hand what was going on after reading all of these wonderful fairy tale financial publication articles only to find out that these are a bunch of the worst gangsters and thugs imaginable who you are giving your money to so that they can build casinos and commit all kinds of sordid deeds.

What a waste!

The most ironic part was when I went to a little city museum in Singapore and went into their bookstore in which I found a history, in English no less, of the gangsters who have been running this city for many, many years.

It is almost as if they were bragging about it.

That was all I needed to tell me to stay clear of this area, no matter what anyone tells you.

I am booked on a cruise at the start of next year which will end up in Dubai, so that I may see that firsthand.

Just the photos tell me that this is a dump where I would no way want to leave any substantial amount of assets.

Yet, all of our crooked politicians and their thieving cohorts are using this for the very purpose of money laundering that they so self-righteously claim the Swiss are up to their necks in.

I figure that if they want me to take my hard earned assets to Dubai, instead of Switzerland, then I will do just the opposite.

One day several months ago I asked a person with knowledge about such matters how long he thought it would take the U.S. Marines to take out Dubai and take all of the money.

He said it would take between fifteen and thirty minutes and the game would be over.

That does not sound very safe to me.

I can assure you that it would take much, much longer than that to get the money out of Switzerland.

Just ask HItler.

He found out the hard way about that one.

He wanted to attack this country really badly and had it surrounded on every side by hostile states under his control.

But his generals warned him that he would lose 1/2 of his army, of a certainty, should he be foolish enough to try to make such a move.

They were probably being way overly optimistic in my humble opinion.

And then what about Hong Kong, I asked.

That would simply take one telephone call.

You wouldn't even need to send in the Chinese army because the Hong Kong people would simply capitulate without even the appearance of a fight, knowing that there is no way they could win.

Well, that doesn't sound very safe either.

So, these are the kinds of choices which are being forced upon people of means who have worked very hard over numerous generations.

So much for the American Dream!

And you may wonder why I call it the USSA.

Well, don't strain your little brain too much.

It's not really that hard to figure.

Economic numbers continue to deteriorate more rapidly and more forcefully by the hour.

It is only a matter of time before all of the computers kick in at once and balance all of the accounts in less than 24 hours.

And guess what.

The USSA is going to come up so insolvent as to be of great historical interest as people of the future will be amazed that anyone could possibly screw things up so badly with their eyes open.

We all still hope for a great future for the good old USA or whatever pieces it breaks up into after everyone realizes that there is very little in common between the various regions to hold them together when no one has capital to pay all of their retainers and lackeys.

As I have said before, go study USSR in 1989.

I watched it up close and personal as it happened.

I was even in St. Petersburg as everything was torn down off of ancient buildings and cathedrals, etc. and sold at rock bottom prices.

It was very scary to see and I will not soon forget it.

On of my favorites was that it was illegal to use U.S. dollars.

But that was the only currency anyone wanted.

I had to exchange dollars into Rubles at an official government exchange only to find out that no one would take them except official government entities such as museums and the opera house.

Everyone out on the street demanded dollars, even though they were illegal to use and possess.

That is what you call a complete breakdown of law.

And then the so-called oligarchs came in and just simpy cleaned the place out with the assistance of the continuously drunk Boris Yeltsin and his good buddy Ronald Reagan.

I saw it first hand and have no need of anyone to tell me what they read in some stupid newspaper or book.

t was a warning to us then, and it continues to be one today, although few are enlightened enough to heed it.

So, that's my little diatribe for the night.

One of the really scary things is that twenty years ago everyone I know thought that I was crazy for making the predictions which I was making then.

It turned out that I was far understating the worst case scenarios that everyone thought to be simply impossible.

That definitely gives me cause for pause, I must say.

Well, anyway, I forgot to mention that the entire city was closed up again today, except for the Bahnhof, which was bustling with activity.

So, could not get anything done.

Although I did get to do some shopping that I did not expect to get to do, which was nice.

So, tomorrow it is three meetings, maybe some time in the afternoon to pay one last visit to Musik Hug and maybe one last visit to Orel Fussli, and then up at 4 a.m. the following morning to catch a 7 a.m. flight out of here to Heathrow and then from there nonstop to LAX.

That sounds pretty hectic to me.

I got some fantastic 16th and 17th century organ music at Musik Hug which I got to look at today as I broke in the bindings.

Also a very good book of Gregorian Chant arranged for organ/keyboard.

I am looking forward to cutting loose on these when I return.

Yes, as weird as that may sound to the uninitiated, it is a very big deal from where I sit.

I draw heavily upon the ancient sacred music for inspiration and compostional technique and always look forward to getting new manuscripts to study.

This is one of the best I have seen in awhile so that I am ridiculously excited.

I will try to get a post out tomorrow night or earlier in the evening, but am very doubtful about that.

But, who knows?

Right now I am just trying to keep from getting murdered before I can get out of town long enough for my newfound pimp friends to forget what I look like.

And now that I have successfully digressed I would like to take just a moment to explain a few things.

FIrst, when I said that one of the two Herr Professors at Grossmunster was young, I did not mean 20 years old or even 30 years old.

I guess my age is showing because the man must be at least 40 years old.

When I was 20 we thought that a 40 year old was really old.

Now that I am on the other side of that number times 19 additional years, I think that a 40 year old man is young.

Seems strange to me, but I just caught myself doing that very thing right here on this blog.  Ooooops!

And the other thing i wanted to clear up before I wait any longer is why one would be so stupid as to get the pimps of Zurich in a rage.

I thought long and hard about this as I do every time I stick my neck out far enough to get it easily cut off.

I do a lot of self-examination of a regular basis in order to try to keep myself on that straight and narrow road which we hear so little about these days (--- and few there be that find it --- many called, but few chosen ---).

I many years ago decided to never stand by as someone is being beaten or pushed around.

I have nearly lost my life several times for intervening when I thought that someone was about to get badly hurt, but am still here today to tell about it, which is good enough for me.

It is very scary business and you can almost always count on the victim joining with the abuser to ask me what business it is of mine, anyway, to which I must agree that it really is none of my business.

That is, until there is violence.

And then I simply must intervene for any of a number of reasons, most of which I will not cite here and now.

That is the scene which I was called upon to behold.

So, what do you do?

I did not want to get involved, especially right now.

And I was able to find numerous reasons just to pretend that I did not hear what I did hear and did not see what I did see.

While I hate violence against women more than nost persons and while I hate to see women forced into prostitution for survival, or something closely related to it, this was not my real motivation, in this case, at all.

Rather, what struck me was that this dirt poor black girl from a dirt poor country had probably had very few people ever stand up for her.

Upon seeing what I was doing she was at first very moved and emboldened.

But, following numerous threats to her person, she rolled over, as she probably had been forced to do on way too many occasions during her short life.

I wanted him and her to know that there are people who are watching and taking note and that we most definitely do not like what we are seeing, even while being as much of a social libertarian as anyone you are ever likely to meet.

I think that prostitution is simply a form of slavery and I hate all forms of slavery, whether self-imposed or from an external source.

I have spent much of my life energy fighting hard against such injustice.

I have four grown daughters and two nearly grown granddaughters and cannot help but see them when I see these things.

I was the first ambulance manager in California to put women in ambulances and am very proud of that.

One of my daughters worked in ambulance for many years and then became an LVN on her way to becoming an RN because of my work, without ever knowing that it was my work.

Everyone in the California ambulance community thought that we were completely insane when we started doing it.

We had to work out a lot of logistical problems to make it work, but we invested the time, money and energy and succeeded admirably.

After our first girls got out on the street it didn't take long before the local police department had it's first woman cop out on the street and next thing we knew the fire department decided it was time that they give a woman a try.

Now, everywhere I go I see women cops, firemen (huh?), and ambulance drivers and attendants.

What have I wrought, I often ask myself.

I say that to say that I am about as pro women's liberation as anyone, and I staked my career and reputation on this long ago.

So, you can only begin to imagine how mad it makes me to see ugly,evil men trying to drag the women back down into a base and degrading condition and then ultimately right back into slavery.

So, it is not just anyone who is looking at this madness that is taking place right before my eyes in one of my favorite places on the earth, where women's rights are not just held inviolable, but have nearly become a cause for religion.

So, to see some creepy foreigner come here by taking advantage of temporary holes in the European Union treaties is pretty much intolerable, where I am concerned, and all the moreso when they are bringing in poor, helpless young girls to be taken advantage of on an hourly basis.

That is just way too sick for me.

So, my blood boils at the very thought of this.

But, what to do?

O.K., here is the crux of the whole matter.

I will try, very hard, to enliven both of their consciences.

There was more that was said than I am telling, and things definitely got pretty heady as I took control of both of their consciences and brought them fully to life, if even for only a few moments.

That is why they got scared and ran.

They simply could not stand up for very long against what I was doing to them.
They ran like they had the fear of God in them, because they did.

If but for only one moment.

As you can imagine, I do not like to talk about such things to just anybody and usually it will be in private and one on one if I will talk about it at all.

Huge amounts of power were unleashed on them and they knew it and were both terrified by it.

That is the part which I left out, for the time being, which, unfortunately left kind of a false impression, which is why I am clearing the air right now.

I was so proud of that girl when I saw her apparently leaving town because she had one little shred of dignity and self-respect restored to her by miracle power.

If you do not act upon that immediately, then you cannot be sure you will ever get another chance.

Self respect and dignity.

And the restoration of these things.

That is what this exercise was all about.

I wanted her to know that she is cared about and that her fellow humans are broken hearted at watching her being used like some pound of flesh to be sold at a slave market for a few pennies.

I am sure she had already seen so much of that that she simply took it for granted.

Maybe it was about time that she heard someone stand up and loudly proclaim that her dignity and self respect are worth more than my very life, which I was all too clearly putting right on the line for her.

I passed by the pimp who had been called on the telephone in the conversation which I overheard which made me stop and intervene.

He was a real big Middle Eastern guy with a black leather jacket on and he looked really mad and was moving with great speed like a man with a mission.

Little did he know that he and I literally brushed against each other as I left in disgust while the others were quickly running away in the other direction.

What a weird world we live in.

So, there you have it.

This is my evening confession.

And that is all I am going to tell about this for the time being.

The part that I will not tell is really rare and really freaked them out but good.

But, due to other considerations, I cannot repeat it on a blog in a public forum.

So, any of you who read this and know me personally may ask me privately and I will tell you the rest of the story.

But, for now this must wait.

Well, as usual, I have much more to say, but really must get to bed and get at least a little bit of rest before I get going in the morning.

Good night, and may God abundantly bless.

w/love to all of my very precious loved ones.

2:30 a.m

Sorrell Hotel Seidenhoff
Zurich, CH