I hope to be heading northbound 101 in just a few minutes.

But, before I leave, I wanted to write a brief note, regarding something which I saw several months ago, and reflect upon several times every day since (PTSD, anyone?).

I have so many really weird things happen in front of me every single day that I have come to call them "object lessons".

This is when some principle which you hold extremely dear to your heart is either demonstrated or openly challenged.

As you watch the drama unfold right before your very eyes, you can only marvel at what you are seeing.

I know by your beautiful young faces that there are some of you out there who know exactly what I am talking about.

Well, anyway, it was the last day of the 3 week Los Angeles to Papaaete cruise as everyone was disembarking.

I stood in a very crowded elevator (which I hate a lot more than anyone your likely ever to meet) as I closed my eyes and sensed the different "creatures" (the diencephelon run amuck) which were far closer to me than I would prefer (10 ft. perimeter at all times if at all possible).

One group couldn't fit on, because it was packed so tightly.

So they called out to their newfound friends whom they had met on the cruise, I would guess.

Oh, don't forget to send so and so the one said to the other.

And the other responded back, now don't you forget to mail me thus and so.

Then the other took it upon themselves, without provacation, to assure the other parties of their most profound sincerity.

As the doors closed both groups assured one another of their steadfastness and sincerity and mutual good faith and reliability.

Finally, once it was clear that a good seal had been made in the elevator door a man in the crowd piped up and said,

"You know, your never going to send them anything!".

To which everybody in the elevator (very much excepting yours truly) had a hearty laugh and chortled loudly, with even a few snorts of laughter and merry-making.

I wondered to myself, in a most distressed state of mind, whether the persons who were still actually standing directly in front of us, but theoretically not able to hear, had any idea of the treachery and cowardice which had just been so amply demonstrated by the entire group surrounding me.

Then, the guy who is so sincere a second ago, and is still standing directly in front of his new found friends, because the elevator has not started moving yet, comes up with a really funny joke, ha ha ha.

He says, well you've heard of one night stands, haven't you?

Well, that was a twenty one night stand.  ha ha ha

With everyone getting a real good laugh out of that one too.

I wondered to myself then, and every single hour since, how long a so-called civilization can actually last when treachery, betrayal, dishonesty, complete lack of honor, or even the concept of what that is are all very conspicuous by their absence.

Just how long?

If you really think it can go on much longer you might want to come over and visit with me and I will take you on a tour of my history library, where we may look things up, and then I will ask you, just what do you think is going to happening on the next page, when I turn it in just a moment?

For example, the government of Rome is being run by literal clowns and other entertainers, while wars are running amuck unchecked, because clowns and entertainers are certainly no match for the Roman (or any other) military.

And there you have it.

What is going to be on the next page, do you suppose?

Catastrophe, or constructive valuable enterprise?

I am waiting to see, but I am afraid there are just simply too many examples of what we are watching.

The history books are full of examples of these temporary madnesses where one group thinks it is now their turn to rule FOREVER!, unlike those other losers.

Only it is the productive who end up being the losers, while the slackers reign supreme.

Just how long can you be a nation of ravening locusts (consumer society), with very little productive capacity (takes at least ten years to gear up and retool, and that is when doing it quickly)?

You are about to find out.

I would tell anyone who cares to know what is going on to run some queries centered around the subject of

Argentina 2002 financial panic (collapse)

and take a good hard look at Russia 1989.

The country simply broke up into pieces with no one able to stop it.

We have continued to follow exactly the same policies which bankrupted their country (and numerous others in history) for over a decade longer.

Are we beginning to see the signs all around us, or is it still just me?

I would advise running for shelter.

I think I am going to specialize in cave properties.

Starting right now.

It's been fun.

Gotta go.

Keep me in your prayers, if you pray, and if not, start now.

These highways are incredibly treacherous.

I could tell stories, but I do not want to scare everybody.

So, I will leave it at that.

Hope you're not scared now that I made if perfectly clear that you should be?



1:30 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA