This is going to be a very busy week,
I can see.

Tomorrow I must travel up north.

Returning following morning.

Then to a seminar on the following morning.

Then to a funeral "wake",
70 miles south of here,  
on the next morning.

Just for the record, 
on Thursday I am expecting to be at a seminar
regarding the latest findings
in the science of brain chemistry
as it relates to nutrition. 
The speaker is one of the leading physicians
and researchers 
in this area,
and is from Stanford,
where much of the leading edge work
has been taking place
during the past several years. 
It is a very interesting
developing field
of neuroscience.  
Long overdue.

I have not had time to compose,
or edit,
or anything else
directly related to music,
except for the final rewiring.

My cleaning spree continues in spurts.

I am not feeling so inspired
after I don't know how may hundreds,
if not thousands
of hours
have been dedicated
to this meeting of
the irresistible object
and the immovable force.

You can only imagine.

I long ago stopped thinking
I would lose my mind,
having already done so
far too many times to count,
such that it is no longer
as much of a concern
as it once was.

So I no longer have that one
as a fallback excuse.


Maybe it is time to face the music.

Who knows?

I want to come back
with a new songs and/or songs.

But I do not want to write compositions
which I cannot be proud of years later.

So, I must wait,
as this stuff brews
down deep inside of me.

In the meantime
I walk three to four miles on the beach
at and immediately following the sunset,
nearly every evening,
and soak up all of the life energy
which I am able.

And I try to live a little more each day
and be a little more useful to those around me
each hour.

And to spread as much goodwill
as possible
every second of every minute.

It is out of this wellspring
that musical creativity is likely to come forth,
much moreso than any other way
I know of or have tried.

Well, ------

I've got to get back to the five millionth "final cleaning".

Why do I always believe that, anyway?

And, yes,
even in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary,
I still do belive be so.

I am always just one more clutter pile away
from the finality
which doesn't ever seem to come,
just yet.

But, I don't mind it a bit,
so long as I am alive and well.

Hope you are too.

w/ love

Ventura, California, USA