Two more new songs.

choir and organ,

The two songs being
and 032413b,

The first is written at 2:30 a.m.

The second is written at 3 a.m.

I should not have to remind that:

One must remember
that you are in my "workshop",
as it were.

You are getting to hear the raw product
"that no one, but no one"
normally gets to hear.

I do this as a help and service
to musicians
and would-be musicians
who would like to know
how such things are done.

parts may be cut out
and cut up
and used in many different ways
and contexts,
if and when so desired.

And parts of the raw music
may be joined together with others
which go particularly well with one another,
but were written months apart,
or weeks apart,
or days apart.

These parts
you will not normally ever see.

But, when you are in my "workshop",
as it were,
it is just in the nature of such things
that the object/s of my efforts
will be fully visible to you,
so long as you remain
in the "workshop".

And so it is here.

Wouldn't you say?



Well, I think it's time for bed at 6:07 a.m.

Or is it time to get up? again?

I don't know ---.

In meantime,

with love to all


6:07 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA