Today is Tuesday..

All paperwork completed this afternoon with electronic systems all up and running ready for testing.

Just a few loose ends that I hope to tie up tomorrow, and then will get plane tickets as quickly as possible and be back into the air, hopefully by end of week.

Have decided to make it a short trip because I still have several other extremely pressing matters here on west coast and up in Canada, which must be taken care of before I am able to consider any kind of rest.

I got a fairly definitive recording of Barber's Adagio this morning.

Have listened several times during day.

Is almost there.

Very close.

I picked up some melodic lines buried in a thick mass of lines, and realize that the main melody was buried as a counter melody to new main melody.

Very nice.

But surprised that I have never noticed it until this morning.

That is the kind of thing which I was mentioning before.

It just seems to keep on uncovering one surprising aspect after another until one simply cannot believe that so much could be hidden in such a small space.

Well, who knows --- maybe I will finally get my definitive version, yet.

I think it is a done deal, but will take some more time and patience.

I was hoping to post before leaving town, but do not think that is realistic, unless I have an epiphany tomorrow or later tonight.

Since I have been cleaning my office for past several days, so I do not come back to the total mess which it was, I hardly expect an epiphany any time soon.

Other than where to put another huge pile of stuff.

So, that's it for now.

Hope this finds all well with all of our loved ones.


10:07 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA