Well, things just continue
to get crazier and crazier,
(in a good way).

I just walked out of this room
into the next one
just in time to hear a yelp of surprise
followed by a
"You'd better come and see this"
and then a
"Did you know this?".

One of my (4) daughters
who is in Michigan at this time in her life
sent an e-mail of an article
posted on
SKATEDAILY.com - Skateboardings #1 Online News Source,
with the heading

"2013 Skateboarding Hall of Fame & Icon Awards Announced".

I will quote:

"The results are in
for 2013's Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Inductees and Icons. 
These influential and legendary skaters
and founders of skateboarding
will be inducted at the 4th Annual
Skateboarding Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony
on May 9th, 2013
at the Sheraton Park Hotel
in Anaheim, CA ---

2013 Inductees

1960's - Woody Woodward."

Long, long overdue.

From being dubbed "Woody, the King",
followed by
"The Father of Skateboarding", 
for his innovative skateboard inventions,
after he attracted so mucn attention 
following his spectacular triple win 
(never been done again) 
at the first International Skateboarding Championships,
which was seen by all the world, live,
on The ABC Wide World of Sports.

We were so proud of you, then, Wood,
and we continue to be so proud of you
to this day.

I watched you practice
and practice
and practice
day in and day out
year after year
in your little tennis court
at Topanga Beach
as you did handstands on the board,
and then jumped over the net
and back onto the board.

I thought you were nuts then,
and still do.

But I am very proud
to call you my cousin
and my lifelong and very close 


I will put it on my calendar right now,
since I know you will probably
not want to go without me
(that's assuming I can get you to go).

I called just a few minutes ago
to let you know
and left a message.

Hope to get together tomorrow
or next day
and give you an extra big hug.

So, get ready.

Love you, bro.

w/lifelong and abundant love

vw and family

10:00 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA

p.s.  I just got a list of the nominees
from whom you were chosen.
I thought you would get a kick out of this,
especially since some of these
are still friends of yours
and were involved in that last project
with "Sean" from Las Vegas
(where did he disappear to,
with all of our footage,

Bob Mohr
Brad "Squeek" Blank
Dave Hilton
Gary Hill
George Trafton
Gregg Carroll
John Fries
Steve Hilton
Tommy Ryan
Woody Woodward

The Hilton Brothers?
(Eat your heart out, Paris.)
because of being your teammates
on Hobie Team,
do you suppose?

And Greg Carroll (let him know)
and John Fries (is he still alive?).
and George Trafton (is he still alive?).

And you call that competition?

I don't really think so.

But please don't tell any of them I said so,
I so hate getting beaten silly.

Love you dearly, bro.

And I expect you will continue
to make us all proud.


Just for the record,
speaking of Topanga,
Tom O's book, Crazy, 
is, indeed, 
being made into a major
motion picture.

But, it is not going to star Sean Penn
as Tom.

Rather it is being directed by him.

According to press release in August 2012,
this will be the first time in 5 years
that Sean Penn has directed another film.

I am looking into the matter right now.

Hope to have more news soon.

Will fill you in when I see you in person.

I am trying to find out what stage production
is in at this time.

Should know more soon.

It sure does look like your "lucky stars"
are lining up, yet once again.

Does this mean
I am not going to get a break
after all?