As you may be able to hear,
 from the music,
I am still in a somewhat pensive mood.


This piece is entitled:  031213a.

It is written for choir.

I have told before
that choir writing is far different
from instrumental writing,
and that it takes me awhile
to get into the right form and mood.

These past several songs
have been intended
to put me in that direction.

In the meantime,
my subtractive synthesizer,
by the name of Roland Gaia
has been screaming
across the room at me
for several weeks now.

I am finally succumbing,
but very certainly,
to the syren song
of that maniacal mechanical contraption.

So, my latest "plan"
is to clean up the area
(just a little bit)
and then to finish rewiring
so that Roland Gaia is incorporated
into the "network".

And then to take
an historic photograph
of the main brains of this "operation",
which have rarely been seen,
because they are almost always
buried far beneath
and then to post it,
right here.

I am going down to Hollywood and Vine,
and then onto Sunset Boulevard,
in the very heart of Hollywood,
in order to pay a visit
to Samuel French
on some business,
and, I hope,
with a side stop
to Hollywood Sheet Music store.

It is a very colorful area,
but the only place
where you can get
what I am
going there
to obtain.

Will tell more,
as facts develop.

The weather is getting
more and more beautiful
by the day,
as the spring and early summer
are making themselves felt
between rain showers
from some very cold place 
far north of here,
where everyone is sleepless,
or so I am told.

I hope this finds all well
with everyhone who reads this.

w/more love
than I believe
you can even
begin to imagine


9:47 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA