New choir piece titled 031013a.

It is quiet and meditative.

Which is how I like it the best,
most of the time.

I just returned from a very moving all day "send-off"
for one of our patriarchal figures in my family.

Of course, this often causes one to become
even more introspective than is normal
as one weighs lives which have come to

And when you are with people
who are blood relatives
it is all the moreso,
because of the influence
such a person or persons
has on one's early life
and development.

As one wonders,
as children
what will become of each of us,
we now get to see,
all these years later,
the answer to that very question.

What a priviliege that is,
when you think about it.

For it requires all of us to
have remained alive
and relatively healthy
i.e. we are greatly blessed.

And to get to see
the very young ones
and the young ones,
all growing up
into healthy productive adults
is, to me,
truly a marvel to behold.

And one for which I am thankful
beyond measure.

As usual, I have to get going.

More to say later??

Who knows  ---  ?

Not you and me,
that's for sure.

But assuming the best,
I hope to have more to say.

And may God bless,
on this beautiful
Lord's Day of 3-10-13.

w/ abiding and wondrous love to all


1:13 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA