I am writing this at 3 a.m.
on 2-28-13.

It is dated 2-27-13
in order to memorialize that date
for the message which was received
on that date (about 14 hours ago),
as follows:



That's all I really want to say about that at this time.

On a lighter note,

I have finally gotten to sit down
for about one hour
at the Roland A-88
(full-size piano keyboard)
which is currently connected
to a Korg Krome synthesizer.

Korg is famous,
to me,
for their piano sounds (presets)
for many years.

So, it was only natural,
since I was desiring to play piano music,
to use the Korg.


I broke out the Beethoven Sonatas
to restart perfecting
the so-called Moonlight Sonata (first movement).

But, oops,
wouldn't you know it,
before I could pick it up in time
I spied some other songs,
much more to my liking at the moment.

Let's see, how about

Tchaikovsky - The Seasons;
April, May, June, October, and December.

Then, Maurice Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess.

Then the Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni.

And how about another Pavane, for dessert.

This one by Gabriel Faure.

Poor old Beethoven
doesn't stand a chance
as I am looking across
at several folios
of Albeniz
and other crazy Spaniards.

On another matter,
I must say,
at this time,
in my own defense,
that my right little finger
is still really badly broken
(as are my ribs, et al).

I have only been able
to actually use it to play with
during the past three to four weeks.

It all began with a huge snap sound
at the beach
as I was under headphones
listening to (my) music
and not paying proper attention
as I bent the finger,
to the music,
until the displaced bones
popped back into place. 



What a relief,


So, now I can barely use it.

But, I must say,
you really feel the pain
when playing the piano pieces.

They are far more unforgiving
than other types of music.


The MOTU MIDI box arrived.

I have been studying the manual.

I had to laugh
because this manual made
New Testament Greek
look easy,
by comparison.

Who writes this stuff,

Do they really have any idea
what they are saying
or trying to say?

One can only wonder.

So, anyone who knows me
knows exactly where this is going,
and very fast.

Yes, time to pull out all of the plugs
and start sticking them in various sockets
and holes
and hope that nothing blows up
as I try to figure out exactly
what this thing does,
and how it does it.

Hope I live to tell about it.

It's been a long several days.

Very emotional past several weeks,
rising to a climactic explosive blowoff,
as it were.

I am utterly exhausted,

but completely unable to wind down
to lay down
to go to sleep.

It just is not (YET) happening.

So, you guessed it,
I think I will turn on my video lectures
Particle Physics for Non-Physicists.

I should either be a genius by the morning,
or asleep,
in short order.


I wonder -----

w/sometimes greatly tested love

yes, it is all about steadfastness of spirit

Which is not always an easy thing.

And especially
as one becomes progressively
more and more demoralized.

Ever been there?

or done that?

I think you know the rest of that song ---

(as in,

"Well, I-I-I-I-I-I-I have --.")


3:07 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA