I really have nothing new to say
at this time.

Am leaving for northern California tomorrow
for a quick trip up and back.

Yes, business, as usual.

Have been holding off on doing any musical work
pending my receipt of the MOTU multiple-MIDI box
which I spoke of in the last post.

For those who have no reason to know such things,
MOTU is an acronym for
The Mark of The Unicorn.

This is a very innovative company
which has been making
top-of-the line electronic gear
for musicians
for some years now.

When it comes to boxes
which are made
to hook multiple pieces of MIDI hardware together
in forms other than daisy chaining,
there are only several manufacturers
making such products.

And MOTU is one of those few.

According to Fed Ex tracking info,
it is in transit from New Jersey,
as we speak.

I will, undoubtedly,
have to wait until I return
before I can take the final steps
required to make the most massive synth
I have made to date.

I have worked with multiples of synthesizers before,
but never hooking up multiple soft synths
with mulitple hardware synths
and controllers
in these numbers
and types of configurations.

The idea, for example,
would be to have strings on one synth,
brass on another,
woodwinds on another
and tympani/percussion on yet one more
(did I forget the choirs and organs?).

Each keyboard will record input data
separately from all of the others,
and then route it into Pro Tools 10,
where it will take up only one stereo audio track
and one MIDI track
(or stereo Instrument track)
per keyboard.

From there the various tracks and channels
can be recombined
(i.e. "mixed down")
in any manner which is so desired,
and then "bounced down" to
one stereo audio track.

Add to this some of the programs
which I am currently learning,
as for example,
(5 soft synths layered into one "super synth")
and the possibilities become just a bit mind boggling.

Sorry for the delay.

I am itching to get back to work composing,
but must wait until the right time
before digging in again.

We shall see.

Hope this finds all well
with all who especially matter to me.

And, by the way,
Happy B-Day, HW

----- and many more ----.

Hope you got my phone message earlier tonight,
with a very rare singing debut by yours truly.

In the meantime,
card w/$$$ is in the mail.

Don't get too crazy,
or I will have more "explaining" to do,
than I otherwise would want to or like to.

You know you are quickly
catching up with me in years.

That should help to sober you up just a little bit.

Luckily, while you are getting older,
I am getting younger.

Or is that just another one of my
ever-present delusions and illusions?

Nahhhhhh, I don't think so.

w/steadfast love to all


9:56 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA