All has been relatively quiet here
during past several days.

Had much catch-up work to do.

Have continued with that
for much of past several weeks.

Much running to and fro.

Have had little time to play,
but have managed,
at all odd hours of the night
and early a.m.,
to put together four hardware synthesizers
with about ten "soft" synthesizers.

Now we are starting to get somewhere.

As you might guess,
wiring everything together
and making all software and hardware
talk with one another flawlessly
takes more than an hour or two.

Am currently waiting for my
MOTU multi-MIDI input box
to arrive here
so that everything may be recorded
onto MIDI
i.e. each individual keyboard
having it's notes recorded on separate tracks,
but all in one computer and software program,

This takes the concepts of "multi-timbral"
and "layering"
to entirely new heights and depths.

If nothing else,
to dissolve your brain
so that it pours out your ears
long before you are finished.

Oh, and for those of you
who think you are just SOOO SMART,
I can most certainly use your help,

But, I do have this to say, first:


It is only fair to say
that it has been a nightmare!!,
every single inch of the way.

but when you hear those oh-so-sweet notes
coming out of that machine,
who cares about nightmares,

Not me,
and that is for sure.

that is enough for now.

Just want everyone who cares
to know that I am not yet dead and gone.

Still here.

And kicking as hard as ever.

And plotting as much as ever.

And now, onto the music!

I hope.

w/profound love to all


12:46 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA