Have been exhuasted
from about 1,000 miles
of driving and stuff
during the last ten days.

Have sat and quietly listened
to last several weeks of output
in order to decide what direction
I want to go next.

My mind was literally blown
all the way out last Friday night.

Something from which I do not expect
soon to recover from,
if ever.

I have been left
in a sort of memerized state
as I have reflected upon
the numerous strange and wonderful events
which have taken place
during the last year.

I hope to see many more
during the months just ahead.

This song tonight,
comes from a long
and very distinguished
lineage of such songs
which I have written during the past 30 years.

I call it
a sort of return
to my
VERY electronic

A very dear musician friend of mine
once remarking that:

" --- you don't like music even near as much as you like NOISE".

Very astute remark, I thought to myself.

And a very true remark, indeed.

For I am one
who does not distingish all that much
between such things as noise
versus musicality,
seeing almost everything
as marvelously new
and remarkable
to me,

while the marvelous beauty
of sound,
 and color,
have all become intertwined, 
and intermeshed 
so as to be difficult
to distinguish
from one another.

I love the sense of "not knowing"
almost more than I do
learning the final outcome.

Must go, as usual.

Am taking my almost 13 year old granddaughter
(and her mom)
out on a date.

Should be fun.

Movie and dinner.

I shall divulge no more,
at this time.

So, good night,
and may God bless.

Hope to be posting more music soon.

We shall see.

w/adoring love


5:50 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA