The proofs for TAHITI 2012 arrived intact,
as hoped.

They were prepared
for the offset printing press
and then the final proofs
(the ones used for
the printing plates, themselves
= i.e. with registration marks,
and guides, etc)  
were sent to me this morning

After close scrutiny
I gave final approval
just a few minutes ago.

Just for the record,
for me
the album art
is by far
the most difficult part
of the process.

I say this
as one who has been an avid
and serious student
of sound engineering
since my earliest teens.

Meaning that all of the sound problems
which would stop anyone else in their tracks
are just one more
of thousands
of small bumps
in the road,
where I am concerned.

Needless to say,
this is most unusual.

Same goes with the music.

It is like breathing.

And can be done
almost effortlessly
after so many years
of hard and dedicated work.

This is the payoff,
as it were.

But the art ?

And I have been a photographer
since even younger
than I was when I began
to seriously get into audio science.

That is,
my art roots go far deeper
than my music roots.

"Thinking photographically"
has been second nature
to me since before I was a teenager.

That is why I go so nuts.

I warn everyone
right up front
that I will be extremely difficult
to work with
when it comes to such matters.

Just leave the room,
or the city,
county, state, or region,
or maybe even planet at times,
if I start to seem too uptight to you, 
I try to always warn
before beginning any project
with anybody.

And if you think I am pigheaded
and overly opinionated
in the subjects of religions
and politics,
you really are NOT! going to like me
when it comes to artistic consderations,
you may rest assured.

So, everything grinds to a halt
until I can make up the remains of my mind.

I think of the cd cover
as a work of art,
which should be worthy
of a very special place
in your room or house.

And it should have a very loud message
which reaches deep down inside of you
and resonates hard.

That sounds like
a pretty tall order
to me.

And so,
there you have it.

Months of waiting.

I feel like an expectant father.

And I do know whereof I speak
when it comes to that,
if I may say so.

So now I will pace around for days,
and wonder whether my little newborn
will have all
of his or her
tiny little fingers and toes.

And just how many miracles
do you suppose you are looking at
right then and now?

Sorry, but I have to go now.

w/especial love


9:53 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA