All I can really say
at this time is,



This has truly been
a labor of love,
if ever there was one.

This has been,
so far,
the most difficult project
I have ever done,
or even heard of.

And that for numerous reasons.

It's been nearly one year
since the music for the album
was completed.

It has been something of a nightmare,
every single inch of the way,
from beginning to end.

The terms
which were first used
changed meaning so much
as to be,
at this time,
from what they were once thought to mean.

I know this sounds rather oblique,
and is so,

I will someday explain.

There are many things
which I just simply dare not reveal
or talk about
at this time.

I know a time WILL come
when truth may prevail,
at last.

I am just glad
that I own the book
and movie
and other reproduction rights.

What a strange and wonderful world
it is which we live in.

There is MAGIC on every side of you.

Yet most don't even notice that it is so.

Maybe that is part of the magic.

I remarked just the other day
that if you took away all of the MAGIC,
so far as I am concerned
there would be very little left
which would be of any interest to me.

What can I really say.

It is all around us on every side.

You simply cannot even open your eyes
without beholding thousands,
if not millions,
of events
without very precisely directed energy
simply would not be.

Haven't you physics students
ever asked yourselves
why it is not all just a bunch of gas clouds,
considering, after all,
that I am standing in
a sea
of widely scattered electrons?

That is to say,
when you look down
at smaller and smaller particles,
things appear to be
more and more random.

Yet such is not the case at all.

It is simply your perception
and understanding
which need a bit of modification,
as it turns out.

how many times a day
do you suppose
that it takes divine intervention
in order to simply keep a person like me alive,

Too numerous to count?

Don't think so?

Maybe you need to spend more time with me.

Good morning to everybody.

As is all too usual,
I really do have to go right now.

Just thought I would leave a quick note.

As regards album
which is subject
of this blog post:

We finished the cover art
for the album
on Saturday
and then tried to send it
across the wires.

Of course,
every single electronic device involved
in the transfer
refused to work as directed,
such that I spent all of Saturday night,
from about 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday morning
trying to get the three huge files

Finally I realized
that files may be getting there
with no person or machine
there able to acknowledge receipt.

had to wait until this a.m.
in order to confirm receipt of files.

They have to unzip the files on their end
and then will post them to me
such that I can make sure
that what they got
is what should be printed.

Normally takes seven to ten days
to get from this point
to receipt of boxes on my porch.

I have no idea how this particular season
may or may not affect this.

We shall see.

We shall see.

w/ abiding love and affection


9:45 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA

oh, by the way ---

On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent/gave (or whatever ---)
to me

--- a partridge in a pear tree.

Is that for real?

I know of
Possums in Persimmons trees,
and Rattlesnakes in Lemon trees.

But this --- ?

Really now ---.