How did it get past midnight so fast?

Just a quick note
to tell that the album art for
is finally completed.

There are still a few typographical changes
that will be made first thing in the morning,
and then it is on it's way
to be printed
with cds pressed
and placed inside
their shiny, colorful new covers.

I feel like collapsing,
as it has taken nearly an entire year
to get from concept
to where we are tonight.

Much education
and much learning curve
along the way.

But, what an education
this truly is turning out to be.

Am happy with the way
that the cover is shaping up.

Now, hope for the best
as the printer begins
to work his/her magic.

w/love to all

Saturday early a.m.,
as in Friday just after midnight
12:15 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA