It is almost 10 p.m.,
and I am ready to call it quits
for the day.

But, before going to bed
I thought I should at least
give a try
at writing something.

I was fooling around
in the key of E minor
for just a few seconds,
before I decided
that this will be the key
we will explore this evening.

In using the same basic set of sounds,
I don't mean to be too redundant,
but when creating material
for a susequent album
containing the best material,
you have to write songs
in order to have songs
to choose the best ones from.

Some nights
you are just totally on fire
and completely unstoppable.

I call this those
nights when "I can do no wrong".

And then there are
all of those other nights.

Ohhhhhhhhh ---------

When little or nothing
seems able to go right.

And then
millions of shades in between.

Every single song
is every bit as much of a revelation to me
as it is to you.

I have to listen
multiple times
before I can figure any given song out,

Geee,  just like you.

What do you know?

The only material difference being
that I have to try to improve upon each composition.

This makes anyone go most completely nuts,
most assuredly.

It is a horrible way to live.

I really do not recommend it to anyone.

But, some of us are simply compelled.

We simply have to proceed forward,
with the fact as to whether we like it or not
having very little relevance
when all factors
have finally been balanced out.

This is the fate of the truly hardcore musician
or other artists.

We simply come apart at the seams
if we do not at least dabble in our art
on a very regular basis.

My daily grind of a job
being the way that I pay
for my nasty habits.

Now, the things which make you go crazy
in the workplace
can be shoved aside
by thinking about the fine new synthesizer
which is currently being built
by my very favorite engineers,
and which I intend to get my hands on
just as quickly as is humanly possible.

And you wonder
why I am in a good mood
nearly all the time?

I thihk life is,
to a large extent,
what you make of it.

So much of it
is really up to you.

Anyone who knows me well knows
exactly what is coming next.


w/love and tremendous appreciation


9:46 p.m. psdt
Ventura, California, USA