It is about 9 p.m.
where I am currently situated.

I thought I would try to compose something
before going to sleep, soon
(I hope).

The new song is 112512a.

As those who understand the deeper things of life
must assuredly be able to hear,
I have not arrived where I am headed,
just yet.

I am always amazed
at how long it can take
to properly set up a section
of a piece.

That really is what is happening here.

Normally, as days go by
I will further develop thematic material,
if I like it.

I will not do this consciously
or with any effort, whatsoever.

It just happens.

It is like some rather odd type of osmosis.

But, who am I to complain?

Last week has been good to me,
although my left clavicle
(the shoulder that hit the ground first
from approximately 30 feet above)
is loose and wriggling around
with some rather intense pain and discomfort,
during the past several hours.

Last week jaw was swollen up badly
from the huge crack in it.

And can barely walk
on multiply fractured right great toe.

I don't dare try to run (due to badly broken toe) 
or due sit-ups
(I have a rib poking me in my actual stomach).

I am definitely not done
with healing
which is necessary for full recovery.

It has already been a long,
hard road.

I am so happy to be alive,
for the sake of my loved ones
(as they continuously insist on reminding me)
and to able to walk, and talk, and reason, etc.
that whatever pain there is (MUCH!)
seems rather inconsequential
alongside the positives
which have come out of all of this.

I already did all of the things
which you do with near-death experience
long ago,
with previous ones,
such that nothing has changed
as a result of this one,
other than my having a new appreciation
of just how fast and easily you can get wiped out,
without even seeing it coming.

Did not even see it coming, at all !!

Not even close.

Taken out by I knew not even what.

Just as I warned in one of my posters several months ago.

Almost prescient,
in the extreme,
I would say.

My first half hour after the fall I continued to ask what happened, over and over again.

It really was that imcomprehensible to me
(and now).

That is one of the only things
which I remember during the first 45 minutes
following impact.

I laughed not long after crashing into the ground
remarking that I had been wondering
for a long time
whether you see it coming
or have some weird sense
or spooky feelings
or anything of the sort?


As a matter of fact,
I believe I remember discussing
that very matter
on this blog
several months ago.

I must say,
dear reader,
do you think I just ought to stop asking questions?

just maybe ---  ?

w/love to all.

9:29 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA