This whole "Black Friday" thing
has gotten completely out of control.

I can already hear the screaming,
that sales were down, down, down,
and we need more stimulus
and more free goodies,
etc., etc., etc.

I use this day as one of my barometers,
along with Christmas Eve, 
as an opportunity to see how much commerce
there really is
"on the streets",
as it were.

It looks really dismal
out there this morning.

The trend has now finally become
almost self-evident.

No more credit cards
on no documentation loans.


Posted new song, titled

Yes, IT IS code.

But pay no attention.

It is only the date of the composition
which really matters to you
by the time you are listening to the file.

The rest is for me,
should I ever need to go find the original file.

I have really been enjoying the hypnotic music.

So, as I was supposed to be sleeping last night,
the words "e flat minor" kept going through my head.

Of course, I knew exactly what that means.

So, at about 7:30 a.m.,
I wrote this piece,
just so that I could have more hypnotic music
to listen to
for my own purposes.

I love to share it,
and hope others can benefit
even half as much
from it as I have over the years.

Let me explain,
for just one moment
(yes, I have to go, NOW!),

If the music fills the mind,
in place of all of the rambling
so-called thoughts,
then you can feel
what it feels like to have the inner calm
which can only come
with unbelievably intense focus.

You must have a clear mind
in order to have any kind of focus whatsoever.

But, intense focus
requires something of a much greater
order of magnitude,
such that one must be
much more empty
than usual.

I will explain more,
I hope, soon.

But, yes,
I have people waiting for me,
as I write.

So, in order to be not completely rude,
I must go.

It has been fun.



"Black Friday"
2:05 p.m.

Ventura, California, USA


I don't know whether it was the tryptophan in the turkey, or whether it was the music, but I am extra lethargic after editing this song for several hours.

I am afraid that I must WARN! as follows:

Please use this song with extreme caution.

and I repeat,
while operating heavy equipment,
and /or farm machinery.