Good morning to everyone.

And Happy Thanksgiving day.

I got up at about 3 a.m.,
unable to sleep

(Sleepless in Ventura,
yet again)

and went in and
sat down at my keyboard
and stared at it
with what I am sure
must have been
a very blank stare.

As I looked at all of those little buttons
I wondered to myself
how in the world
I intended to play,
given that I really am half asleep still.

One of my fingers fell on the "g" above "middle c".

What I nice sound it made.

O.K., I thought to myself, lets see what happens.

"Record" on.

Hit "Play" button.

Go back to sleep while playing in G minor.

Sounds good to me.

Oh, and wake me up in a few minutes
when you are done.


Hmmmmmmmm -----

And there you have it.

The song is posted as

I listened to it once
in order to decide
whether to bounce it to disk
and then immediately fell asleep
in my chair.

Upon snapping out of my dazed state  
I stumbled out of the room,
realizing that there is no way
I could do any more
than I had already done.

So, at 8 a.m.,
on this beautiful Ventura coastal morning
(lots of thick fog),
I put the song on the reference speakers,
but not too loud
(just yet).

You guessed it,
I fell asleep again.

because that is what this music is designed to do,
I considered these to be very good tests.

The idea is to be just "mindless" enough,
and "ethereal" enough
so that it can remain in the background
even when it is in the foreground.

That way it can systematically
"crowd out"
all ongoing thoughts.

Which are almost always distressful,
or unecessary baggage,
which is bouncing around over and over and over
inside your head
until you are little more than a pile of "self talk"
saying terrible things about yourself,
most of which are quite simply untrue.

And now,
the inevitable
chronic and deep depression
along with anxiety disorder
and even borderline hysteria
with it's "hysterical conversions" aplenty.

Our lives become everything
which they shouldn't be,
in terms of mental health.

This music is intended to deal with that problem
and others which are similar to it,
by providing a tool for emptying your mind
of all active thought,
so that you may rest,

Hence the name I use for this kind of music
"relaxation music".

Hope you enjoy it,
and I hope it helps you in your studies.

I find that a clean and empty mind
works much better than one all filled with clutter.

w/love to all


Thanksgiving day
9:15 a.m.