As has become all too usual,
I am racing,
and have only a few moments to say anything.

Got back into town late last night,
and up early this morning on my way to a meeting.

Before leaving town on Friday
I posted a song by John Dunstable.

I tried to get a post out at that time,
but, there just was no way to get it done.

John Dunbstable is a very interesting member
of icons of musical history.

Living during the late 1300's and early 1400's,
he provides one of few examples
we have of organ music
(not to mention contrapuntal choral music)
from this early.

You are now on the bridge
between the Medieval music
and the Renassiance music.

The Medieval music
tends to be much more serious
as the Renaissance begins to inject
a certain amount of light heartedness,
which would have been found in the Madrigal (secular music),
in place of the Motet (sacred music).

Dunstable's Agincourt Hymn
is a staple of the organ repertoire,
and very rightly so.

It is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard.

One song epitomising an entire age.

I have this Composition on Plainchant in an organ book,
right before the Agincourt Hymn.

I have always loved playing it
and have been for about 35 years.

It is most definitely an organ piece,
not a Vihuela or Guitar piece.

It is a very powerful song on organ
with lots of room to have fun while playing it.

But, as I was thinking about some pieces
by the great English composer,
John Dowland,
several centuries later,
I thought that I sensed a certain similarity
to a number of pieces
he wrote for string orchestra
and for lute.

So, I tried it out with a guitar stop and voila!

Here you have it.

I think I might like it better on the guitar than I do on the organ.

I find it to be a really nice mellow song.

I need MELLOW.

Can't find a whole lot of it where I live and work and play.

Somewhat as a matter of choice.

But, not all.

Just for the record,
we had a wonderful three day celebration.

Oh, why does it have to end?

I'm sure we would have broken the bank
sooner or later,

Much thanks to all who participated.

Must get going, now.

Hope all is going well
with everyone who reads this.

And, again, for those who it is not,
know that we are with you in spirit
and prayer

w/love to all


Monday morning
(auugggghhhhh! --- sorry,
not sure of proper spelling of this word;
couldn't find it in my Thesaurus)
9:30 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA