Just a brief note to tell that I am back in town.

Have been "rehearsing" a number of pieces during the past three hours.

It is now time to go get a cup of coffee and see what it looks like out there in all of that brightness.

For all of those who have, undoubtedy, completely forgotten (as I did, also) I pulled out the "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Mascagni.

I have some nice string setups which I have been working on during the past several weeks.

This might be a good opporunity to give them a try.

I also just pulled out a bunch of binders in which I keep all of the photocopied pieces which I use for performance.

It's full of my favorites.

I had forgotten about them.

Hmmmm ---- 

Should be some good stuff coming out of here, soon.

As for the technical side of things, just for a moment.

I have added a 61 key Roland Juno-Gi to my arsenal of attack instruments.

I am just getting to know it and am impressed by what I have seen (or should I say "heard") so far.

It has a built in recording machine, so that you can record "wav" files right off of the keyboard and onto a 32 gb sdhc card.

I have not gotten to test it, yet, but am right now.

If this works as described (or claimed) then it will be the ultimate in portability.

It contains 1300 preset sounds and has some limited ability to reshape sounds, if so desired.

And Roland ALWAYS! comes up with the best sounds.

And I can say that as one who has been along for the ride all the way from back when they made their first drum machines.

The "sound layering" technology, which is currently under development, is nothing short of astounding.

Added to Pro Tools soft synths and Kontakt's sound libary, with the ability to freely recombine the three together in any of numerous configurations, and you are talking some REALLY SERIOUS capability.

I like that in a person.

A lot.

I have a lot of business to take care of during next seven to ten days.

Many things got put on hold as a result of my collision with "Ge" (Mother Earth), the ancient cthonic deity of Delphi and surrounding areas.

So I have much catching up to do, on top of much catching up to do which already existed prior to that, and with more to come, I am sure. 

So, in terms of music, my plan is to get in all of the "rehearsal" I can at any odd time I can, and then to try to get some recordings completed.

I also want to finish the Hilo Cocqui frogs, and the Lake Casitas frogs.

Not to mention I made a surf recording up on Big Sur coast last week.

Yes, it got into the wave, instead of alongside of them, again.

And my remote device got "cooked" again (what a wimp!).

Even the digital recording device, itself, went glitchy for awhile.

I thought I was going to have to start CPR on it at any moment.

But, managed to get it working before having to attempt resuscitation maneuvers.

Lucky for it.

Oh well, I am starting to have way too much fun, such that the neighbors are starting to talk.

Got to get going.



8:36 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA