Just finished posting four new songs.

First one is the third of the six Pavanas by Milan.

The second is Ase's Death, from Peer Gynt by Grieg.

The third is an organ version of the second Pavana of Milan, showing just how "organistic" these songs really are.

And finally, the fourth is an excerpt from a song written previously. 
I was asked to provide music of six minutes or less. 
The song I wanted to use is about twelve minutes long, but conveniently breaks into two parts, such that I was able to use the second half of the song, without edits.

Am working on Bach's first movement of his First Suite for Cello.

Also, you guessed it, some old organ works which are particularly rowdy.

Also, hope to finish up the other three Pavanas asap.

Oh, and don't forget those Cocqui frogs.

I know I haven't.



10:25 p.m

Ventura, California, USA

p.s.  will be on road in morning and expecting to arrive in late afternoon or early evening in Northern California.

Hope all goes well.

For both you and me.