As you were all sleeping like little babies,
I presume,
I suddenly awoke at 4 a.m.,
ready to go.

"Sleepless in Ventura",
once again.

Well, what better thing to do than to record some more tracks?

So, ninety minutes later
I had the two takes which I posted just now:
Pavanas numbers 4 and 5.

That makes only one left to go.

But it will have to wait until I return.

I also got a fairly good take of Bach Cello piece,
you guessed it,
I lost it,
inside the computer(?).

So, at about 6 a.m.
with a mysteriously disappeared file NOT in hand,
I returned to bed,
figuring I may be more asleep than I think I am.

"Sleepless in Ventura" after all.

Wrong town?

I'll be sure and let you know
when I know.

Got to go now,
up Highway 101, northbound.

It's been fun.

w/love to all

and please keep me in your prayers,
if you are so inclined to pray for others.

I need them much more than most,
as you prayer warriors are probably already
painfully aware.

And I covet them
(by the way, "covet",
as I am using the word,
means to desire strongly,
as in Koine Greek,

Did I just hear someone say,
"Onward and Upward"?

I think I did.

How about you?

Well, let's get moving soldiers.

There is a raging battle here that needs to be fought,
although I am told that the war,
of which it is part, 
is already won.


9:55 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA