All is (very temporarily) quiet here, for the moment.

Have been working on a number of different matters which need my attention.

Have been working on recording Luis Milan's "Six Pavanas".

Have two tentative recordings of the first and second Pavanas.

They are not good enough for my purposes, such that it is back to the keyboard so that
"I will do better".

These songs are rather unusual.

I do not want to tell too much until I post the songs.

But, just as a sort of sneak preview I will tell that the six songs were written in the early 1500's.

They were written for an instrument which was the predecessor of the modern Spanish guitar, called a Vihuela.

I have normally used harp samples or guitar samples for these songs, but as I was playing around with them while trying different instrumentations I found that they are peculiarly well suited to the organ, and especially to the reeds.

This got me to thinking about the composer.

He was a court composer for a Duke, and as such probably would have had choral and keyboard duties, such that the opportunity for playing the songs and composing them at the organ manuals seems like a not unrealistic possibility.

Certain sounds and voicings are so peculiar to the guitar that it is obvious that parts were thought out on the actual instrument.

Nevertheless, the overall composition and the use of various counter melodies screams out multi-keyboards with different sounds on each.

It is only when one begins to play it that it becomes all too obvious that such is likely the case.

Now, the only reason that I am mentioning this is because it provides evidence in support of arguments regarding the age old debates of music historians over whether it was the organ which was leading the compositional efforts over the centuries, or was it the choir which was leading the way?

And, as I mentioned before, given that the choir master and organist are usually the same person.

I haven't ever made up my mind on the matter, thinking more in terms of a continuous interplay between the two forces as each shapes and develops the other whether intending to or not.

At any rate, I first heard the songs played by Andres Segovia on his modern Spanish classical guitar.

They are considered foundational, as one might imagine, in the study of Spanish music and particularly the study of Spanish guitar music.

Every competent student of classical guitar will become familiar with them sooner or later, I should think.

In the meantime I have written another piece for choir and organ and strings.

I hope to post it soon, but must first convert it from a WAV file to a CDA file (standard CD player codec), and then into an MP3.

I am waiting to do several songs all at once.

I have listened to ANIMAL FARM, chapters one through seven.

I have thought for many years that I need to write an essay explaining this incredible little morality tale.

As I listen I am writing an essay in my head, which I hope, soon, to commit to paper.

The subject is just so interesting and so pertinent.

As a glaring example of it's relevance, I recently saw the front page of a major newspaper on a newstand speaking of our U.S. President as "The Leader".

Now, I know that editorial boards, or some similar "corporate" bodies decide on headlines

They are not using that word, "Leader" by accident and you may rest assured that this is not some random occurrence.

Just take a good look at the PR campaign for Benito Mussolini during the years prior to and during the 1920's and you will recognize immediately that the Obama people are using that very model for their "play book".

Complete with the photos of him swimming bare chested in the waters of Hawaii.

That is pure Mussolini, any way you want to slice and dice it.

He is such a stud.

He is such a manly man.

A woman killer.

O.K., but, "The Leader"?

Don't they know that that is what "Il Duce" means?

And don't they know that this is what "Der Fuehrer" means?

You can only wonder how many modern self-proclaimed persons of "Jewish faith"  this went by on it's way to print.

I can only wonder how many strongly protested?


It could not be more despicable to those of us who lost relatives and loved ones fighting against the twin scourges of Nazism and Fascism.

I don't think George Washington, or John Adams, or Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison would want to be called by such a name so soon after WWI, WWII, and all of their spawn,
with which all of the rest of us have been forced to live for so many years.

No, I am not Il Duce,
and I am not Der Fuehrer.

I am not even the Princeps
["the first among many"; 
the name by which Augustus (Octavian),
the first Roman emperor, 
was called,
after he destroyed the Republic
which preceded him by 500 years].

I have no desire for any of this nonsense.

I already have far more power than I need
or even know what to do with.

What would "lording it" over my fellow humans really add to it?

Nothing but heartache and judgment, that's what.

I do not need your validation in order to know that I am doing well.

But, thanks, nevertheless. ---

And finally, I have not forgotten the Moonlight Sonata, first movement, I promised several months ago, or the continuation of the discussion of the limbic system, and it's pertinence and relevance to our everyday life and concerns, and finally, where this "fake competition" between Apple and IBM PC and Canon and Nikon really began, and why it is incredibly relevant NOW!

Also I am continuing my essay on Delphi, which I hope to have written soon (it is at the top of the list, at this time).

That is to say, I have not forgotten these earlier paths and promises.

It is just taking awhile to get there, but so long as God gives me breath I believe you will know where to find me, and what direction I am likely to be headed.

That's enough for now.

Good morning to all of my dearly beloved,
and may God bless your day and lives.



8:20 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA


Yesterday was a perfect beach day.

Am reminded of why I have always come back to this little stretch of coast.

I went to Junior HIgh school in Ventura for three years, and remember well how it was always foggy during the entire summer, and then would get sunny when we would go back to school.

So that this is true to form.

I even had to take off my shirt and get some tan on my torso.

I highly recommend it.

And the water was pretty nice too.

Hmmmmmm ----


I almost forgot.

Am preparing recording of the Hilo Cocqui frogs, and a recording of the Lake Casitas local frogs, and one of the birds up on the Hana Highway, on Maui, which I call the "Hana Birds".

I don't know about anyone else, but I have always been a huge fan of "nature recordings".

I have made my own for many years and am glad to be able to share some of them with whoever may enjoy them.

Next up, Salmon Creek waterfall, while it is roaring.

I always like waterfalls for sound recording.

There is just something so ?????? about it, don't you think?

You can fill in the blank where the multiple question marks are sitting.

And Mckenna (Maui) surf as recording machine gets repeatedly enveloped in waves while sitting on rocky point (ooops!).