It's about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

I am taking a few minutes for a brief afternoon break during which I am sending this brief message to all who may be concerned with such matters.

ANIMAL FARM is now posted in it's entirety.

I have not yet checked to make sure they are all of the right files and operating properly, but I do not have any reason to expect otherwise. 

Following that bit of housekeeping I then finished choosing and uploading the rest of the photos from the Delphi descent.

One hundred and forty-nine photos tell the story of Delphi ascent and descent.

There are still some others from inside the museum which I hope to post next.

I am also working on a brief little essay explaining the incredible significance of this site, which was considered to be the very center of the ancient world, as represented by the omtholos, which is considered to be "the navel of the world".

That is particularly interesting in that one of the most remote islands in the world, Easter Island, also is called by this very same name, "navel of the world", by it's prior inhabitants, on the exact other side of the planet.

And, presumably, for the same reasons.

Is there a connection?

Are you a diffusionist? 

Then there probably is.

If not a diffusionist,
then you will claim that it is all one big grand cosmic accident and coincidence.

Fooled by randomness, as it were.

I am not aware of any direct connection between Easter Island and Delphi, but one can only wonder.

And finally, I must tell what each site is, which has a name, or some kind of indentity which you should want to be aware of.

As soon as these matters are taken care of I will post a formal announcement.

Until then, enjoy --- !


1:51 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA