Am once again racing to get out of town.

Back up north, tomorrow.

Am transferring a number of photos to a 32 gb flash drive in order to transfer them to the "graphics department".

I woke up this morning to a "where in the world is that file, anyway?".

I think no one believes it exists any more.

So, I went digging into hard drive hell in order to finally locate what I believe are the photo layouts in question.

Now, I must copy them and deliver them.

Too bad I will have to go out to the beach for a really beautiful sunset just as soon as I am finished, as a childlike reward for my good behavior.

It has been several very nice beach days these past several days.

I tested out my new highly portable but very high powered video recording system yesterday evening during the sunset.

Worked very well.

I will try some more field testing this afternoon, in several hours, if all goes as "planned".

We have pretty much already decided on the outside cover of TAHITI 2012, but are currently deciding on whether three panels or two, and what exactly to do with the inside cover.

Oh joy for joy.

Brings back lots of good and very bad and painful memories all at once.

I was on a very different trip from every one else on that ship, as I knew that I was sailing into the Fukushima Sunset and was at high risk of  more levels of high radiation.

One of the reactors was claimed to have sunken deep into the ground where it has virtually disappeared.

One of the designers of the reactors began to cry out about hydro volcanic events as I had to silently realize that what is supposed to be a cruise into the sunset has become a cruise into a highly radioactive sunset.

I was not happy about it then, and I am not happy about it now.

Too much radiation for this poor old body.

It seems like we are being used as guinea pigs by some very useless and worthless "human" beings.

Oh, well, enough said.

The Sun is quickly falling toward the ocean as I sit here and blather away.

The surf, sky, and Sun are all calling me, together, in one melodious and harmonious sound.

I think I will respond to the call.

Wish you were here with me.

In meantime ---


3:57 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA
October 3, 2012


Am healing well and rather quickly, except for the mind, which continues in a state of shocked disbelief.

Minds just so don't get it, do they?