As I was coming back down from further north I decided it might be a good time to drop off the first disc at the nearest college radio station, which, not incidentally just happens to be right next to Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, in terms of meltdown distances.

So, with some hesitance, born of my normal nervousness, and with some trepidation, I delivered the disc to Building 26, Room 301 early this afternoon.

Station KCPR
91.3 FM
San Luis Obispo, California

I will keep you posted as developments take place.

It is the weirdest thing the people you think you see now and again.

But I think I did --- see ---

O.K., that's not really for here and now.

In the meantime, we shall hope for the best.

As we distribute through various different avenues and modes we are continuing to finish up the cover art for the TAHITI 2012 album.

It is on top of my to do list at this moment as people are hassling me nonstop to hurry up and find the original PSD file, which is buried somewhere in 30 multi-terrabyte hard drives = it takes some time to find things.

I really liked the artwork.

Otherwise, it has long since been ready to go.

I am very excited to see it come into the light of day. 

Thanks to all who have taken part in one way or another, and especially to that small handful of you who intensely inspire me to strive for higher and higher quality of composition and technique.

I love all of you and would never have made it without you.

Especial thanks to you.

I hope you know who you all are.

Some day I will spell it out for you,

But that is not for now.

I am tired and must go lay down and collapse.

Good night, and may God bless.



Ventura, California, USA

6:51 p.m.