I am still here with you,
in the land of the "living".

This is a week with lots of things
marked on the calendar,
which means I shall be much busier
than I prefer to be.

I am heading down into Los Angeles area
in several hours for corporate meeting.

That is the start of a bit of a sprint
which shall take place
during the next several days.

I managed to get
the Roland A-88 Controller keyboard
into my possession,
and it is now set up
and operational
as of this evening.

Because I have to move
so much wiring and etc. around
whenever I bring in a new,
large keyboard,
such as this,
it is a good time
to make any of various changes
in hardware,
and software,
and protocols
and practices, etc.

So, it never ends up
being as simple as it is supposed to be,
which means here I am
three days later
bragging about
how smooth everything went,
and hoping
that it doesn't end up taking three months,
like it did last time.

And just waiting for
"the other shoe to drop",
knowing that it simply cannot
be far behind.

The keyboard is very fine,
and feels a good deal
like a grand piano action.

At least in comparison
to the flimsy little plastic keys
and keybeds
which are found
in your typical
digital keyboard instrument.

(Definitely not to be compared
with the real thing,
but that is alogether another story
for another time and place).

I played a bit of "ancient" organ music
and am quite happy with the overall "feel".

I can definitely sense a powerful song
rising up from deep inside of me.

But, I refuse to play
until if becomes overwhelming in it's demands.

Only then ---

In the meantime,
it is back to rehearsing
various pieces
which I hope to soon record,
beginning with
John Dunstable's
Agincourt Hymn.

high speed drills
of all chords and scales,
both major and minor.

I must do these things, anyway,
in order to get "the feel" of the keyboard
i.e. how hard,
to press,
in order to get
what particular
(and predictable)

So that it seems
like an extra-good time
to do these things.

Must get to bed, now.

Good night.

And may God bless.

w/love (with extreme high intensity,
and even more insanely jealous than ever),


12:30 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA


I finally got to do some sit-ups
without ripping my chest wall
back into pieces
(I think).

after doing the first one
I just "went for it"
and very carefully
and methodically)
and did another nineteen.

Ribs hurt a little bit today.

They are not real happy about this.

But, it is a start.

And that definitely works for me.