Finally got 91 of the first 100+ packages
sent out to radio stations
up and down the west coast
and east coast,
this afternoon.

Have been tending to housecleaning
and catch-up matters
during past couple of weeks,
with little or no time left for anything else,
for now.

Can't wait to get back on keyboards,
soon, I hope.

Worked on ALBUMWAV9 last week.

Hope to continue with "mastering"
during next week
= volume levels, song order, fades, etc.

As soon as I finish with these matters
will then post it,
and then send it to cd manufacturer
for pressing.

Also, it is time to clean up the website
i.e. put "classical" songs over on their webpage,
for example,
now that 2012 has ended.

Sorry about the chaos
which has taken place during past several months,
but is simply a reflection of my mental state
at this time.

As I said, previously,
it is feeling really good
to have my brain finally stop hurting
and begin functioning with more normalcy
than I have seen for the past five months.

I had stopped reading books,
almost altogether,
because mind was unable to.

I usually read between five and ten books
at any one time.

From that, down to zero,
was a little bit rough.

Am really enjoying a book about Philip II of Macedon
(Alexander's father).

What an incredible story that is.

I say this after having read about five books
in a row about Alexander
about two years ago.

Who would guess that dad
was even far more accomplished than his son.

The unification of Greece
during this period of time (about 400 b.c.)
is one of the more colorful stories I have read.

Having just been on the ground
where all of these stories are taking place
has made the book far more interesting
than it otherwise would be.

I know exactly what it is
that is being talked about,
in a way which is simply impossible
without having been there.

Also, am currently working
on learning a new program from Sony,
which is called Spectral Layers.

This program introduces an entirely new way
of looking at sound,
using the layers concept
found in Photoshop.

So, just as one will make a composite image
by piling one layer on top of another
(like the old acetate cels of yesteryear),
so one can disassemble sound frequencies
and frequency ranges
into separate layers,
with the ability to shape and manipulate
each individual layer,
without affecting the others.

It is a really exciting concept
which has only recently been introduced
to the world of sound engineering.

So far, so good.

Also, have restarted learning the various
"mastering" programs
which I added to my repertoire
last year
(before hitting the ground).

While I am far from operating at my normal speed,
this is a tremendous improvement
over what I have been forced to endure
during these past months.

Very humiliating, indeed.

But, isn't that a good thing?

More to come, soon ---



11:23 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA


does anyone know what is going on in Doghubyazit?
(am I spelling that all wrong?)

Does no snow on Alps mean no snow on Angri Dagh?
(another spelling atrocity?
my Turkish is worse than ever)

Or am I going to have to go there and find out for myself?

Just as soon as possible, I hope.

Also, two b-days tomorrow.

But I will wait until then to discuss that matter.

But, since I am about 1/2 hour away from tomorrow,
right now,

Happy b-day, NW and JH.

May God bless both of you, abundantly,

And may you both have a very good day,

In the meantime,
happy "unbirthday"
to all of the rest of you
and us.