Almost done with another fairly busy week.

Am working on choosing the specific songs

Have it narrowed down to 7 songs
on two albums.

I feel like "something" is missing.

There is one more song,
or maybe two which should be on here.

It is 80 minutes long at this time.

That just seems too short for two albums.

Should be more like 160 minutes, yes?


Hmmmmmmmm ----

What to do?  what to do?

I am also continuing with the Tahiti trip photos.

There are sixteen chips with about 850 photos per chip.

Let's see, in rough numbers that would be 8,500 plus 4,250 plus 850.

Equals 12,750 plus 850 = 13,600?

Hey, I'm doing this in my head.

But, that's close enough.

Let's just say there are a lot of photos
to go through
and choose which ones to use
and which not to use
for any given purpose.

That and final cleaning
of my office and work area.

Which has become something of a joke
around here for the past 25 years,
since I am ALWAYS just on the verge
of that final cleaning
that just never, ever seems to get here.

But, here I am again, anyway,
ridiculous opitimist that I am deep down within.

I can see it right here in front of me,
right now.

ALMOST finished.

Or is it almost FINISHED?

Only time will tell.

I hope to be posting a photo of this
just as soon as I can
i.e. when I am finished,
should that ever happen.

For now, gotta go.

Lot's of work left to be done.

w/ever-vacillating, but very strong, love,


9:15 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA