While many of you are,
transfixed by all of the nonsense
surrounding our pretended elections
and "inauguration"
(ptp, anyone?,
as in "pull the plug", already), 
I came in from the beach after sunset
to one of our local grocery markets.

As I looked at the various newpapers
I noticed an article
on the front of today's Los Angeles Times,
telling how an emboldened "president"
wants to become more "confrontational".

Several days ago this same person
was reported to be telling
how he is not going to allow the Republicants
to "hold him hostage".

I understand that this
is just a bunch of theatrics
and nonsensical posturing,
but, consider this,
because it is coming right at you
like a speeding locomotive.

A 2% rise in interest rates
is likely to cause a complete unraveling
of this once great country
(as in completed insolvency and default).

More than that
(try 6-7%
nearly overnight climbs
in several European countries,
during past year)
will be catastrophic,
as in Russia,1989,
i.e. can't pay the bills!
= dissolution of empire!

Maybe not the best time
to piss off
the "bond vigilantes",
wouldn't you think.

So, I just happened to see
a copy of Barrons with a Roundtable iissue,
right next to the LA Times article.

And what do you suppose it says,
on the front cover,
of this issue?

I quote, and I kid you not:


As in, do not buy any.

Well, that would be bad enough
if it was the Wall Street Journal,
or the London Financial Times saying this.

But they are the stock market newspapers,
whereas Barrons is,
you guessed it,
the "bond vigilantes" news rag of choice.

Now, stop for just a moment
and consider this.

The main communique among
goverment bondholders and purchasers 
is saying,
on the front page,
not to buy bonds.

Do you suppose some very important people
may be reading this
and acting on it
(or already have)?

Hmmmm -

This should be a very scary
(and interesting)
year indeed.

If you really want to get scared
look at the post-WWII history
of two years
into the second term
of second term presidents.

It generally does not go well for them,
at all!

I was always taught to pick your battles carefully
(if given a choice),
as in try to pick ones that you can win,
instead of being assured a defeat.

Do you suppose any of these bright boyz
have a clue?

Considering that a report just came out
telling that the Federal Reserve
could not see the unraveling
which was taking place right under their eyes
in 2007-2008,
I cannot see a lot of reason
to have a lot of hope.

Put on your seatbelts
and crash helmets,
and "assume the position",
this may be about to get really ugly.

I can only shudder to think.

Other than that, all is going well here.

My very smashed and bruised brain
(as in massive concussion
- think smashed into a wall
at 80 mph,
is starting to come back to life,
after almost 5 months of being
"dazed and confused".

I can't believe
how weird and difficult
it has been during this time.

A lot of work got left in mid-air,
and I am just now able to begin
to scramble to play more catch-up.

That is to say,
the rumors of my death
and/or demise,
are highly exaggerated.

w/love and ---,


9:28 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA