"Out with the old,
in with the new".

Last night
I took delivery
of the freshly pressed
TAHITI 2012 cd's.

Got up early this a.m.
and took a listen to make sure
that all is as it should be.

Very nice stuff.

The cover came out beautifully.

Am very happy with it,
and shall now begin distribution
as this new year begins.

Just for the record,
you have not heard much from me
during past weeks,
because things became
even more "hellish"
than usual
during the past several weeks.

Several deaths,
near deaths,
(not including mine)
and psych crises
(not including mine).

It seems that the year end
brings out both
the best
and the worst
in people.

Because I am a "fix it man"
by occupation,
(that is what
the "Esq" after my name
when anything goes wrong,
or very wrong,
you may rest assured
that I will be called
at any and all hours
of the night and day,
in order to counsel,
or otherwise intervene.

The last month
has truly been
what I call
"a hellish nightmare".


And NO NEW YEAR'S celebration for me
(with very close relative
with extreme life threatening condition
and emergency surgery
just 24 hours before end of year).

Other than these things,
all is,
going well.

As one can see
from looking on this site,
I have not even gotten to sit down
at a keyboard
since 12-13-12.

I am not sure
I even know how to play
any more.

But, we shall see,
shall we not?

w/intense love
to all of my beloved ones.


10:14 a.m.
Ventura, California, USA


You rock, "Jordania".
Hope you can live up to it.
Wishing you the best of luck
and providence.
I am hating leaving you behind.