i am writing on a touchscreen and cannot get it to increase font size..

sorry about that.

it is saturday.

just got off Regatta in athens.

am at hotel waiting for rooms.

tried to use business center computer.

it is using windows xp.

my blog service provider says that it has gone the way of the dodo bird, complete with a drawing of one.


so i am on wireless using stylus on touch screen.

slow, but hey, it works.

had a very productive and useful trip until yesterday.

that's right, i know everyone sawthis coming.

i was on a seawall up about thirty feet above a huge pile of rocks when i apparently decided that it was time to continue my flying lessons without benefit of wings.

i don't have any idea what happened other than that i did not fly very well as i crashed into the rocks and was rendered deeply unconscious.

that;s right, 30 feet head first into rocks.


what pain?

no brain, no pain?

so, i suddenly find myself at a table with a dozen people staring at me and asking me if i am o.k.

why are they asking me this?
i am thinking to myself.

oh, just because you dived 30 feet,head first, into a pile of rocks.

oh, so that's why.

who are these crazy people and what in the world could they possibly be talking about?

it is only now that i begin to realize that i have a very painful broken rib, broken right toe, and multiple gouges with missing flesh, on my face and left shoulder, and right leg.

oh, did i forget a cracked and very swollen left mandible (jawbone)?

i can't begin to tell what a weird feeling that is.

so, they begin telling me bits and pieces of what has transpired as i begin to piece together this most strange and colorful saga of my run in with my own hubris, pride, and arrogance.

right off of my high horse and directly into terra firma.

which is worse, the absurdity of what i have now managed to do to myself,or my temporary fall from grace as my way overinflated ego decided it was time to finish the job of murdering me in cold blood?

so, this is the story that i pieced together from various very shocked witneses.

it seems that i was standing on, at, or near the wall when i just mysteriously stepped off into the air.

they knew i was in big trouble when the last thing they saw was my little toes descending rapidly behind the rest of my body.

one fellow told me that i did the most magnificent tuck and roll that he had ever seen, as i unceremoniously hit the rocks and then bounced several hitting them again and again.

and then deathly stillness as everybody began to realize that i would most definitely be dead or somewhere close to dead.

several persons came down to the beach to attempt to arouse me.

they said i was aroused with great difficulty, and that i complained of abdominal pain and kept asking what happened.

after conversing in a loud and very confused state for several minutes i am told that i suddenly jumped up and ran to a path leading back up, just in time to run into the ambulance which was arriving to pick me up.

i am further told that i got into the ambulance just long enough for the medics to begin their workup as i suddenly pushed them away and jumped out and took off running again.

this time i regrouped and went to the table where i effectively regained consciousness for the first time.

i very literally have no idea, whatsoever how i fell.

no memory of falling.

no memory of hitting.

and no memory of runnng back up from the beach.

and, finally, no memory of an ambulance or having been in an ambulance.


that is extra weird, even for me, and the bizarro world in which i live.

just for the record these horrible events took place on the island of MYKONIS.

within two hours of a morning tour to the island of Delos.

i am afraid that i stirred up some fearsome spirit creatures, again.

partly unintentionally and psrty very intentionally.

on the tour our guide was speaking of Apollo and Artemis, et al, as if they were very real personages who they continue to avidly orship.

it really was rather disconcerting, to say the least.

before we even arrived at Delos, an otherwise calm sea began to become very windy, such that the ship was forced to anchor off o Mykonis, instead of Delos.

i knew then that the spirits were definitely becoming hostile to my about-to-be presence, before i had even begun o arrive in the immediate area.

i basically blew them off, as being nothing more than piles of rocks with crazy and ridiculous beliefs attached to them as so many unhealthy appendages.

i am rethinking that, following my very odd experience, i must now say.

i couldn't but be reminded of the ubiquitous current crop of Pele worshippers at Kiluea.

to them it is all very real, no matter what you and i think and believe.