After posting yesterday I went out to the beach for the afternoon and evening.

You know how these things go.

I went just for a little while, or to sunset at latest.

But then, that other wondrous world of the illuminated sky with
full-on half moon directly following the sunset must show itself and I just simply lose all control as I am quickly seduced by this most beautiful of objects.

It is almost like I go into a hypnotic "moon trance".

I was warned many years ago not to watch the water for long when the full moon is over it because it will most certainly drive you mad.

Well, hmmmmm.

You know how people like me just simply must test every proposition before we even begin to consider whether it has any meaning or relevance or validity whatsoever.

And finally we will begin to weigh it.

So that it didn't take but one minute (this happened up on the Big Sur coast when I was about fifteen or sixteen years old) for me to begin a lifelong quest for "lunar madness".

There is only one little problem with all of this.

If going mad from the moon is the proof of the lunar madness theory/idea then how I am ultimately to prove that the madness was caused by the moon and not something else, like the environmental world I live in, for example.

Maybe everything and everybody around me is driving me mad and the lunar aspect is only incidental.

Well, it seems I will never know, because I was mad long before I started experimenting with lunar madness.

I am only telling this as background on why I get so easily hypnotized in the presence of this second greatest of celestial objects (from the earthbound point of view).

It is morning and I am trying to figure out another intermediate state for this mess I am currently sorting out and cleaning up.

I will be doing a lot of packing of boxes and moving things to storage.

That is always my favorite cop out.

First move it from one room to another so that the room it was moved from is now clean.

And then take it outside onto the front porch.

And then to storage, to worry about it later.

Strategic procrasination.

Of course, it never works, but it is always so much fun to believe in, nevertheless.

And who says you can't trick your mind into thinking whatever you think it should be thinking?

Not me.  And that's for sure.

Anyway, I must look alive and get busy, all at once.

I'm not real sure about that idea, either.

After going on my beautiful lunar lunacy walk and getting far out in the middle of nowhere on the coast, yes, you guessed it, what a great time to go to sleep finally.

Lunar madness turned into lunar narcolepsy.

The combination of serenity, soft light, and gentle waves with PEACE all around me.

It was simply too much as I went into a semi-catatonic state while beginning to comprehend the full extent of my current predicament.

But, no problem here.

This is what somnambulation is made for.

Yes, sleep walking.

It seems you don't really have to be awake to walk.

But, oh no, you can see it coming, can't you.

It will not work for driving once you walk to the car, as I was soon to realize as I came really close to backing right off the road into a ditch, because the somnambulation didn't just turn off as soon as I turned on the car key.

Good thing I was parked where no other cars, or trees, or building were close by.

It would have been one more of numerous rude awakenings.

Somehow I managed to get back to bed, where I slept like a little baby until about 8 a.m.

It was good to get a little bit more deep sleep.

I had already decided, while somnambulating on the seawall, that I had best stop writing for long enought to get some photos posted, as I promised a long time ago.

The delay has been caused by the fact that most of them are still in several cameras on several different chips.

I will typically wait until several chips are full before doing computer transfers, en masse.

Here, in order to do this I will take chips which are still in camera, and make copies of photos I want, and then put back into camera = tremendous risk of loss of data already on chip.

So, I hesitate, naturally, just as if you would when I asked you to put your hand further into the fire and ignore the perceived pain.

It goes against every rule of chip handling which I have ever lived by.

But, for my blog readers, I will do almost anything.

So, here goes.

Wish me luck, I will most certainly need it.

But, first, consider whether there even is such a thing.

Should I have said wish me divine providential blessing instead?

Hmmmmm ---

So many questions.

And so little time to answer them all.

Well, as they say under the big top,


Good morning to all.



9:30 a.m.

Ventura, California, USA