Am in town for just a few minutes.

I was laughing to myself just a little bit ago as I thought about how I told several days ago that setting up the audio and MIDI sounds much easier than it is to do.

Well, here we are, how ever many days later.

It is Saturday, and I just got back from the Guitar Center professional audio department in Oxnard.

As of last night I got everybody up and running together, such that I finally got a good solid MIDI signal and recording of same.

But ----   uuuuhhhhh?  Where is the audio?

Definitely not running through the USB cable, from the best I am able to ascertain.

So, I am rigging it so that wiring goes from Roland SH-01 synthesizer keyboard, by line out to AVID MBox (Generation 3) line in, and then via the speaker outputs (Analog 1 & 2 in mixer view of Pro Tools) to external speakers.

The signal which will generate the WAV file should be coming directly via the outputs on the synth to the MBox and from there into the Intel i5 processor.

This should give about as clean and accurate a signal as one could imagine without spending hundreds of times as much money.

And, in the field, no less.

On the seawall, with the waves pounding at your feet during storm time.

That sounds pretty good to me.

At any rate, I appear to be within hours of getting this incredible field recording studio up and running.

Hope to have good news about same upon my next posting.


1:17 p.m. pst

Ventura, California, USA